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Bullet v2Shopify theme

Bullet is a blazing-fast, minimal, responsive, highly customisable Shopify theme developed for fast-loading and focused on conversions and sales. This clean and polished theme allows your products to breathe and leads potential clients to focus on what you’re selling.

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Theme features


We've built Bullet to be minimal in every aspect, inside-out. The code and design are optimized for fast loading times and easy navigation. Everything is brought to minimal terms for a straightforward interaction and quick deliver.

Marketing Popup

Share promotional messages with your customers.

Advanced Layout pages

Add galleries, accordions, forms and more to your content pages with advanced layouts.

Collection Page Filters

Filter products by tag, brand and other options to filter your collection pages.

Advanced Layout Page Formatting

Use custom page templates to bring your Shopify pages alive with blocks that work very similar to the homepage.

Advanced Layout Product Formatting

Use custom product templates to make some product pages show more valuable content using blocks in similar fashion to the homepage.

Responsive design

Responsive Design for Desktop, tablet and Mobile Shopping.

Ajax Add to Cart

Bullet comes with a Ajax add to cart, let your customers products to the cart without reloads for a seamless shopping experience.

Multi Currency

If you've an international audience you can easily sell your products in different currencies.

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All of our Shopify themes also include

SEO Friendly Markup

Search Engine Optimization is a must these days if you want your business to have a strong online presence. Google will love your site because of the SEO-ready structure, plus a clean and optimized source code.

Optimized for Speed

Ultra fast loading times, right out the box. When it comes to theme speed for us is always pedal to the metal!

Free and prompt customer support

If you have any trouble using the theme. Send us a ticket! Customers love our active support.

Free theme updates

Our themes come with free life-time updates. Updates keep your website up to date with the latest features. We boost your site’s performance each time there is a new update, for free.

In-depth theme customization

Customize your theme as much as you want and create your own masterpiece. Just set up your website and start customizing each element. No extra work required.

Translation-ready theme

Display the theme in any language. Translate it easily via Shopify's admin panel. Give us your translation and we’ll include it in the theme's official language pack!

Quick and intuitive theme setup

Download, upload, publish. You're done! We've made theme installation as intuitive and easy as possible.

Multiple support resources

After the download if you feel overwhelmed, and don't know where to start... we prepared a detailed step-by-step documentation for you.

GDPR/ePrivacy ready

Our themes come with a cookies notice popup already built inside the theme. No need for slow third party apps!

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5 out of 5 stars based on 12 reviews

Very nice Theme, lots of handy tools.

Value purchase
5/5 stars

It works great and it makes my store look so much more professional and cleaner people love coming back to my store.

Value purchase
5/5 stars

Working with OpenThinking was an absolute pleasure! Jack is very skilled, intuitive, responsive and nothing was too much trouble to get right. I look forward to working with them again!

Value purchase
5/5 stars

Very good assistance from the staff. All needs were met.

Value purchase
5/5 stars

OpenThinking builds beautiful Shopify themes and most importantly, websites that convert! I felt like I got exactly what I needed with OpenThinking's Bullet theme. Communication is excellent and they are fast and responsive - just like their pages! Very good assistance from the staff, Jack was nice and very prepared!

Value purchase
5/5 stars

It was a great experience working with you guys! Thank you for making my website look beautiful and easy to use with Bullet. I definitely would recommend to colleagues and friends!

Value purchase
5/5 stars

Sēlekkt. studio has been our primary design and UX provider for several years now. Not only has they designed our main business sites to perfection, they also designed several of our customers' sites. And now with OpenThinking they are keeping the legacy. OpenThinking is thorough, detail oriented, fairly priced, and friendly. Great services and themes, the only Shopify partner we use. :)

Value purchase
5/5 stars

the guys at open thinking help center are very patient, kind and super helpful. thanks a lot!!

Value purchase
5/5 stars

Overall great experience. Bullet seemed is easy to install but I had zero time and knowledge to do it mysself so I aksed support and for a little extra they installed and set it up just in time for the new season drop.

Value purchase
5/5 stars

Great technical support. Although it said a possible two hour response I had a reply within 15 minutes and problem solved thanks Alex you are worth a five star review x

Value purchase
5/5 stars

This is the best theme I have ever worked with, and their customer service is even better! They take their time even if you have stupid questions (like me).

Value purchase
5/5 stars

A fantastic theme, very flexible and adaptable, and with a fast, efficient and very friendly technical support. Thanks Jack for guiding me xo

Value purchase
5/5 stars
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Theme features

  • Announcement bar
  • Currency converter
  • Customer login
  • Interactive mini cart
  • Logo options
  • Search
  • Social icons
  • Sticky header
  • Top bar/top menu
  • Website shopping cart
  • Favicon change
  • Product reviews
  • FAQ page
  • Blog posts
  • Collection list
  • Contact form
  • Featured collection
  • Featured products
  • Featured promotions
  • Video section
  • Image gallery
  • Image with text
  • Image with text overlay
  • Logo list
  • Newsletter popup
  • Newsletter section
  • Recently viewed products
  • Rich text + image
  • Search section
  • Slideshow
  • Testimonials
  • Custom HTML section
  • Text Columns with Images Section
  • Content Page Section
  • Standard Width Options for all Sections
  • Collection sorting + filtering
  • Display 3 products
  • Full-width top banner image
  • Multiple pagination options
  • Multi-tag filter in sidebar
  • Recently viewed items in sidebar
  • Sale/New/Coming Soon banners
  • Quick Shop
  • Integrated Shopify Reviews
  • Product details template
  • Quantity box
  • Related products
  • Social sharing
  • Agree to terms checkbox
  • Built-in theme translations
  • Configurable footer content
  • FAQ Page
  • Page details
  • Social links in footer
  • Support for Shopify's Font Picker Settings
Theme specs
04 Apr 2020
09 Oct 2021